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State Testing Dates

April 2               4th & 5th Grade ELA Writing

April 3-4           3rd grade ELA Reading

May 1-2            4th & 5th Grade ELA Reading

May 7-8            3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Math

May 9-10          5th Grade Science


In Kindergarten, we are working hard to write three connecting sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation to form a paragraph. By the end of March, we should be finishing up all three nine weeks’ high frequency words learned. Please take time to study with your child each night to maintain fluency. We are looking forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd. We will learn about Dr. Seuss and read some of his most popular books. In math, we are working on 2 and 3 dimensional shapes by discovering and understanding the differences. We hope everyone enjoys their spring break; that is a great time to practice your child’s high frequency words and read books with your child.

First Grade

Our students are working very hard in all subject areas. In English Language Arts, we will continue to work on finding the main idea and details in a text, sequencing the text and introducing point of view. Try reading with your child and ask him/her to find the character’s point of view (the way that he thinks or feels). Then have him/her use text evidence to explain the reasoning behind it. In math, we are reviewing 2-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping. We are introducing money so that students will be able to recognize coins and the value of coins. Students will also learn how to make $1.00 with different combinations of coins. To help your child, you can use your coins and practice different ways to count coins to make a dollar. In science, we are observing the Earth’s surface, recognizing the importance of water, and categorizing Earth’s changes. Please make sure that your child is at school every day. We still have a lot to learn! Thank you for your support.

Second Grade

February has been a very busy month! Our second graders worked hard on their research of a famous Americans. We thoroughly enjoyed our “Wax Museum” when our students were dressed in costume with their fabulous research posters. Also, we had a wonderful time on our field trip to LEGOLAND! Thanks again to all parents who chaperoned. In science, we have started our unit on rocks and soil and will end with a “Rock Buffet!” In math, our measuring mathematicians studied both the English and metric system, and learned to graph their information. The focus of our next module is time and money. Remember to have your child work on fact fluency and read to you each night. Thank you for your support.

Third Grade

Third grade is continuing our learning of logical connections within a text as well as determining the theme or a central message of a text. In March, we will begin test prep for FSA with item test question practice along with a mock practice test. It is very important to have all students at school each day. Students will still complete reading and math homework each week along with a passed AR test at 80% or higher. In math students will solve real world and other mathematical problems involving perimeter and area of polygons.

Fourth Grade

The FSA ELA Writing test is right around the corner and  our students have been busy getting prepared. We know all the hard work they have been doing will certainly pay off. Our science classes are studying rocks and minerals and processes of the Earth. We’ve learned how to identify minerals and how rocks are made. Please remember that it is very important to make sure your student is at school and on time every day as fourth grade covers so much. Missing just a few days can make it really tough for students to get caught up. Please ensure your child continues to read AR books so the weekly goal can be met. If you have questions or concerns, please be in contact.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are busy fine tuning their writing skills as they prepare for the upcoming FSA ELA Writing assessment. They are also continuing to read and use critical thinking skills to answer questions about the text. In math class, students are learning how to convert units of measure in both the metric and customary system and graph data using various graphs and charts. During science class, students are busy using their iPads to learn about various body systems and are preparing for their next benchmark assessment. As a reminder, it is very important for students to be in class each day and on time. Many of the tasks completed in class can not be duplicated at home, making attendance vital.

Gifted Program

In gifted class we are continuing to tackle programming the Sphero-robots – it’s been fun to drive them, now we need to program them for real world applications. Students tackled blackout poetry and created a project to accompany their poem. The variety of materials in our Makerspace Obtainium Lab allows great creativity. Students blog on their Seesaw account their many activities – parents make sure you are following your child. We’re waiting impatiently for our strawberries to ripen while enjoying various peppers, greens, and celery. Fourth graders are reading Storm Runners – a great story that could happen in our own backyard. We continue to enjoy 3D printing and are tackling the steep learning curve that came with our laser engraver and CNC carver. All grades are building a Lego style car and will film a stop action commercial for it.


It’s TiViTz time! Grades 3-5, come gain math fluency and precision – grow your strategic and critical thinking skills. The group will meet after school on Tuesdays. Information flyers have been sent home. Please contact the school office or Mrs. Kuhlman if you are interested.


Students are learning about collaborative art. They are working together to create murals, seascapes and large scale paintings. These artists are also working on skills that will help them be respectful of each other’s space, creative ideas and common goals.


Clinic News

We would like to welcome our new nurse, Mrs. Miller. We’d like to provide a few reminders to help our clinic run smoothly.

Please remember that medication can be given at school ONLY with a medical authorization from the student’s physician.

Please keep all contact records up to date so we can contact you in the event your student is sick. Information can be updated via the the office or the Parent Portal.

Connect with Us

The best ways to stay informed about what’s happening at HCE are through our Facebook and Remind groups. Like us on Facebook for updates, news, and pictures of what’s happening at HCE. Text @hce2016 to 81010 to receive test updates.

Attendance, Tardies and Early Checkouts

At Highland City Elementary, every minute of every day is important for student success. Please be sure your student arrives on time. Our bell to go in classrooms rings at 7:55 AM and the tardy bell rings at 8:00 AM. Early checkouts are not recommended. Our students are receiving instruction until the end of the school day, 3:00 PM.

Early Dismissal Days

Polk County Schools will dismiss two and a half hours early on designated days to allow for teacher work days and teacher planning. Highland City students will be dismissed at 12:30 on

September 12

October 3

November 7

January 16

February 6

March 13

April 24

Cafeteria News

When students are receiving a breakfast or lunch from the cafeteria, they should not bring additional items from home to the cafeteria. Food items are allowed for specific grade levels for snack time during the school day, but are not allowed in school hallways before or after school. Thanks for your help with this!

Reminders for Car Riders and Walkers

To help us in arrival and dismissal, please remember:

No drop-offs or walk-ups before 7:30 AM. (There is no supervision on campus until 7:30.)

All students wanting to eat breakfast must be in the cafeteria by 7:45 AM.

Please do not stop on the crosswalks around the school. This is dangerous for our students who walk to school as well as the crossing guards.

Don’t forget your cart tag! This is a precaution we take to keep your child safe.


Notice To Building Occupants And Parents


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a final rule, 40 CFR Part 763, Asbestos Containing Material in schools, commonly referred to as AHERA. This rule requires all Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) to identify asbestos containing materials (ACM) in their school buildings and to take appropriate actions to control release of asbestos fibers.

All inspections for Highland City Elementary have been completed and a Management Plan describing the results of the inspection and the action plan to control any asbestos found during the inspection, where applicable, has been submitted to the Governor for approval. A copy of this plan is located in the administrative office of this school and at the District School Board of Polk County Environmental and Safety Department and is available for review upon request.