Recycle Ink Jet Cartridges & Cell Phones

Please do not throw away your empty ink jet cartridges or cell phones; bring them to the office. Our school will recycle the cartridges and phones and earn extra money to go into our Highland City Elementary Scholarship Fund.

Office Depot, Staples, Target, MidFlorida

Every time you shop at Office Depot, our school receives credit equal to 5% of the qualifying purchase to use for free supplies. All you need to do is tell Office Depot to credit school # 70021614 and our school will be given credit for your purchase.

When shopping at Staples, give our Rewards # 0123861120, and our school will receive 5% back, up to $120.00 per school year, to be spent at Staples.

Target also rewards our school. If you have a Target card or a Target Visa, please indicate to Target that you want your purchases to be credited toward Highland City Elementary. Once you do this, it will automatically credit our school with every purchase.

Extra Credit For Schools

Did you know that with each credit based MIDFLORIDA debit card purchase you can earn up to 10¢ per transaction for our school regardless of your purchase amount? Buy a drink and some snacks at the convenience store, earn 10¢. Pick up your dry cleaning, earn 10¢. You get the idea. Plus, it’s quick and easy to sign up and just as easy to earn the Extra Credit your school deserves. Just follow these steps: Sign into Online Banking and select the checking account for the debit card you want to enroll. Then click on the Debit Card Rewards program on the Account Details page and choose the school you want to earn rewards for, which of course would be Highland City Elementary! Choose the “credit” option when you shop using your MIDFLORIDA Debit card. It is that easy! So far since the program started in 2005 our school has earned $3,023.60. This school year we have earned $268.90 so far! Note: Selecting “credit” for your transaction will not change your debit transaction, it will still deduct from your checking account. Choosing credit just means your transaction will travel a different path to reach your account and on the way earn Extra Credit for your school. PIN based transactions and ATM transactions do not earn Extra Credit.